Levels of health

Language: English

Total Videos: 12

Total Time: 17 hours

Filmed during the live course in May 2012 at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, the course offers an introduction to the pioneering theory of “Levels of Health” by George Vithoulkas, two hours of Q&A sessions and eight live cases with analysis.

The "Levels of Health” is a highly original contribution to medicine in general and to homeopathy in particular by Professor George Vithoulkas. By describing a means of knowing whether a patient is improving or regressing under any treatment, whether homeopathic or otherwise, provides the possibility for the practitioner to evaluate the case and make a better and more accurate prognosis.

A 17-hour course with George Vithoulkas including Theory, Q&A and Live Cases with Analysis

Course Curriculum
01 The birth of the theory of 'Levels of Health' 01:36
02 Levels of Health Theory – Part 1 00:42
03 Levels of Health Theory – Part 2 01:12
04 Q&A Session 01:20
05 Case 861 - Benign brain tumor/ Barrett syndrome NP 01:43
06 Case 844 - Peripheral Neuropathy NP/FU1 02:56
07 Case 862 - Depression NP 01:12
08 Case 863 - Anxiety/Cardiac problems NP 01:18
09 Case 726 - Sleeplessness NP/FU1/FU2 02:50
10 Case 864 - Caffe au lait spots NP 00:14
11 Case 823 - Cervical syndrome NP/FU1 01:37
12 Q&A Session 00:55

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