THE TEAM - International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

When I met George Vithoulkas, 20 years ago, the first thing that made a huge impression on me was what he told me about his teaching.

"I have been teaching for many years, since 1962. In 1995, however, I decided to present to my students what I considered a complete training course in Classical Homeopathy up to that point. With this program, I would share all the knowledge and experience I had acquired. Up until then, while I had taught in many countries, to thousands of students, for countless hours, I hadn't explained in depth about the "Levels of Health" and the necessary management of complex and difficult cases.

This was the reason why the “Complete Course by George Vithoulkas” at the Academy in Alonissos was created; it was initially offered to German students only, then to Russians, then an international group was formed."

I was delighted with his idea, which he had already taken forward. I am not aware of any other Professor who has decided to videotape his entire teaching, providing his students with every secret, every bit of information, every detail, without keeping anything to himself, leaving no room for gray areas.

Prof. George Vithoulkas dedicates himself wholeheartedly to his teaching, striving to help his students become great homeopaths.

Upon viewing parts of his lectures and witnessing the passion with which Prof. Vithoulkas transferred his knowledge to his students, upon seeing how much he pored over and cared about his students' questions, I realized that these lessons should be offered through an online, distance education. That's how the "E-Learning Program in Classical Homeopathy by Prof. George Vithoulkas” was developed.

Many people worked ardently for its creation. We took the videotapes, edited the videos, split them into sections, and created Modules.

The picture and the sound were edited and performed by sound and picture specialists who gave to us excellent results.

Our technical department created our sophisticated e-learning platform which is upgraded constantly.

We subsequently thought that the platform, in and of itself, wasn't enough. We needed to also build learning and assessment tools for the students. So we prepared tests for every training module. We created extensive notes and self-assessment questions and answers for every video-lecture. We identified the exact pages from Hahnemann's, Kent's and Vithoulkas' books corresponding to each video-lecture, to help organize the student's study.

Lastly, we developed an expert system of final exams which can be taken online from students’ home, according to the standards of high quality Universities.

The program was technically perfected. You can now view it on any electronic device—computer, tablet, smartphone.

Also, while Prof. Vithoulkas speaks in English, we added English subtitles, then Spanish, Greek, Brazilian/Portuguese, Russian, Italian and Romanian subtitles 

Quite often we update the program with new, important lectures of Prof. Vithoulkas, which are given in the classroom, at the International Academy in Alonissos, maintaining the interest of our students.

While taking all these steps, we asked for Prof. Vithoulkas’ advice, got his ideas, had hours-long conversations with him about the result we wanted to achieve. Nothing was left to chance. Everything was done carefully, with a plan and a perspective in mind.

Everyone who contributed in this project gave an outstanding effort, and today we feel justified by the result!

Over the past few years, homeopathy has been badly affected by various theories challenging its scientific basis, while self-appointed “teachers” inject in this science their own whims.

Therefore, the E-Learning Program's present and future role is very important. It provides the students with complete knowledge on homeopathy, clarifying difficult points, analyzing laws and rules, answering important questions and, most importantly, instructing the strategy to be followed in the prescription of remedies. This course offers a restoration of faith in Classical Homeopathy and a huge level of clarity.

We are proud of our accomplishment, and we are here to help you become successful homeopaths applying the genuine Classical Homeopathy!

Maria Chorianopoulou, PhD

Director of Studies of International Academy of Classical Homeopathy