The online ORGANON Course by the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy is an important postgraduate Course that every serious and conscientious Homeopath will benefit from.

This ORGANON Course is a Unique, Comprehensive Course available today that explains the “Organon of Medicine” - from Aphorism 1 to Aphorism 291 - furnishing the reader with a deep and thorough understanding of the practical applications of Homeopathy laid down by Hahnemann.

Professor George Vithoulkas succinctly analyses every Aphorism, providing and comparing valuable insights into our contemporary status quo along with case examples from his more than 60 years of practice and experience. He has also made this unique online ORGANON Course relatable to current health scenarios which can only inspire us towards a deeper understanding and cognizance of the practical application of Homeopathy.

"The Organon is the basic text that contains the substance of homeopathy and the spirit of Hahnemann. The one who comprehends its message can be called a real homeopathic physician" - Prof. George Vithoulkas.