I LOVED the E-Program! I am a Hahnemannian homeopath practicing in Los Angeles for 17 years. I wanted to take the course so I could get a better understanding of the 'Levels of Health.' I decided to do the full program because it would give me the best understanding of the Levels of Health when taught along with Theory and Case management. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am so glad I did it! Now I say: "WOW... How can any homeopath treat a patient without knowing this information!" It is a critical part of the treatment plan because it tells us so much about our patients healing process, such as, how long it will take, how many remedies they will need and why they get certain reactions after a remedy. After the course I realized that in the past I, like many homeopaths, had made wrong conclusions with some of my patients reactions because I didn't know their level of health. The knowledge I have now has helped me understand and make a precise plan of my patients healing process.Learn the Levels of Health in relation to Hahnemannian theory and it will change your practice! Thank you George Vithoulkas for all your years of experience that you poured into this course! I so appreciate this gift!"

Deborah Vidal RS Hom (NA), CCH

I am in love to George Vithoulkas and I finally found my Master forever. There are no words to express how much I feel saved from giving up of my homeopathic practice after over 12 years of passionate studies and love for Homeopathy with other homeopaths. He finally answered all my inner questions, I carried around for years often being even angry as I thought: "It is not possible that nobody can explain me why at a particular time an acute after 3 days of a prescribed remedy is a good or a bad sigh in the evaluation of a case". I am so deeply impressed by the passion of Prof. GV. He does not only care for any single person, he also cares for our world's health, our planet.His system is fantastically organized, 200% reliable, any support is human, competent, welcoming and fast.I love his humor and his authenticity is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! Through his E-learning I finally hold the right tools in hands. I am not fishing anymore into the sea (German saying) I now know what I do. I am much more confident in prescribing and I have much more fun working with patients. His system is worth every Euro and his invoice is the only one I really love. My biggest wish is to meet Prof Vithoulkas one day in person as I spent so many hours with him in front of my computer. Don't waste time and money; learn from GV, he is your personal intense shortcut to the essence of what you need!! And you will love it!!!

Ellen Kunz, homeopath

I' m very happy with the course - it's much more work than I was expecting but very inspiring. It's very wonderful to find a teacher who is both down to earth, very wise and very funny! The videos have so many insights and are giving a real sense of the Professor's experience and what is good and bad in homoeopathy practice. I feel I've learnt so much in just 6 months - many thanks to everyone involved!

Steve Ashmore, homeopath

Τhis course has helped me tremendously in my daily practice as a homeopath. I have greater confidence when I prescribe because now I really know what I am doing with my patients, thanks to the theory. Also with the knowledge I am acquiring about the remedies, it has given me the opportunity to try out small remedies like, Asarum, Arum, Βufo, etc. with very good results. I am proud to say that my patients who were very skeptic in the begging of the treatment, are becoming to trust homeopathy and their health has improved. I admire Mr. Vithoulkas in the way he teaches homeopathy and he will always be an inspiration for me.

Luann Patricia King, homeopath

I want to mention my great satisfaction and gratefulness with the e-learning. I found the course and teaching full of knowledge (and heart!), both intense and fun. The lively description of the remedies, cases and theory - coloured, lightened and made lively through anecdotes by the Master - made it (and him) a very good company during these months, since I signed up. I am above all very grateful for the possibility to balance his virtual presence through the e-learning with the live summer courses in Alonissos.

Ahmad S. Kohl

I have independently studied homeopathy since 2005. It was very difficult for me to understand the diversity of areas, approaches and different practices. In 2016, I was lucky to become a student of the first Ukrainian group. The e-learning course is the fundamental learning of homeopathy as a science. In parallel, there are lectures on the theory of how remedy work, what are the criteria for prescribing, how to evaluate the results and when the time of reappointment should be. Lectures on Matter Medica with practical advice and recommendations from Professor Vithoulkas. And amazing cases with long tracking and obvious improvement after treatment. I am incredibly happy that I went through the teaching and my knowledge in homeopathy acquired a structure. I have knowledge of how to make the first prescribe. And I know how and when to make the following prescribes. I am grateful to Professor Vithoulkas for the unique opportunity to study at his academy IACH.

Tamara Karnovska

Today, millions of people try homeopathic treatment to cure their sufferings,with mixed results. It is because some of the practitioners lack the correct training. If anyone wants to become a true healer and learn this beautiful and complex science, there is a complete E-LEARNING program in which the best homeopath in the world, Professor George Vithoulkas, will share his knowledge and his experience of over 50 years.

Dan Horvath

Dear friends of Homeopathy, this is my last day of joining the lectures. I liked it so much to have the Academy of Alonissos in my practice room, being able to join in, via the E-Learning Program, I would prefer to continue this forever! With a tear in the eye I say good-bye. To express my gratitude for the knowledge offered to us in this course, I am afraid that I will not find the right words, but I will give it a try: "I was blind but now I start to see" Thank you so much Mr. Vithoulkas and thanks to everybody for training, informing and communicating.

Anja Sichart

My participation in the e-learning course with Prof. George Vithoulkas has been one of the most inspiring and productive learning periods in my life. Unlike other tertiary courses, either online or in person, I have gained knowledge from George’s experience which made text books come to life. This practical application of the traditional wisdom of homeopathy (along with observances that extend these traditional theories), give any aspiring or established homeopath practical tools and an experience of the scope of diseases which homeopathy can treat. Studying homeopathy is also a self reflective exercise. George, perhaps without knowing, reveals aspects of participants which they may not have even been aware. His down to earth, pragmatic and entertaining approach have had me glued to the computer and searching hungrily through my books. I am deeply grateful to George and his team of people who make this course happen, not only for my advantage but for the advancement of homeopathy itself.

Abby Takarabe BHSc

I have studied homeopathy off and on for over 14 years and I can say without hesitation that the E learning course offered with the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy has been by far the best thing I have ever invested my time and resources in.

Scott Nicholson

In my opinion the E-Learning course is most excellent, fascinating and absorbing, reflecting the quality of Prof. Vithoulkas’ teaching. I think I have learned more in two months than in two years before.

John Whyte-Venables

Dear George, Thank you for sending me the link to your excellent new website. Here is my feedback from some limited browsing on the site. This is a major contribution to international classical homeopathy and I am sure that I will refer to it often. There is a huge amount of useful information for homeopaths all over the world on your this excellent site which summarises the comprehensive contribution you have made to homeopathy. Your web designer has done a very good job and this will be a valuable homeopathic resource for many decades. Congratulations on a big achievement and feel free to quote anything I've written here.

Dr. Brian Kaplan, MBBCh, FFHom

Firstly, I absolutely love the course. The lectures are inspiring, instructive and educational. I feel confidence in what is being taught and really appreciate George’s honestly and down to earth approach. It makes me feel the weight and importance of study and hard work that’s needed to become a good Homeopath. The content is great especially with the back up of the books that came with the course, the books are my reference and study tools. These are excellent also and very nice to read and understand. Thank you.

Francesca Treasure

Mr. Vithoulkas’ lectures are very inspiring and enriching. I estimate this E-learning course as a profound repetition of the homeopathic philosophy. It encourages me in my homeopathic work and gives me a clearer insight.

Christina Abla

I am an allopathic doctor and am new to Homeopathy and have no prior knowledge/experience prior to join this course, but am very eager to learn and eventually start my own outpatient practice. I have been enjoying the videos very much.

May Moghbelpour

I would like to thank you for a, once again, wonderful, instructive, inspiring (german) seminar in May/June! It is always an excellent source for new ideas, new approaches and stimulation to dedicate one’s life even more to practicing homeopathy. Another great source of inspiration is your new book about the levels of health. This is very well-done and a real asset for every homeopath. It is of great help in studying the levels of health in general and shows how to approach a difficult complex case. I particularly like the detailed explanations why and when to use which symptom.

Martha Greiner-Jetha

I enjoy very much the video-lectures of Prof. Vithoulkas ! They are of real help for me. He is a marvellous teacher and I feel that he opens my mind, offering me very clear information.

Dr. Alexandra Comanescu

I've started the e-learning and it's fantastic. It is very interesting and I spend all my free time in listening lessons and in reading Vithoulkas' books.

Alessia Ferretti

Firstly, thanks for putting this together. Especially for people like us who are so far away, it’s a real blessing. There were initial apprehensions that doing the e-learning will not have the class atmosphere and may become a bit monotonous etc. But I felt like I was in that class and felt quite transported there.

Suman Shyam

To my mind this is the best opportunity to study classical homeopathy nowadays.

Mag. Reinhard Bichler

Professor George Vithoulkas teachings come deep from his heart and are full of love. He is sharing with us his knowledge about classical homeopathy and about life in a wonderful way. The e-learning course is a unique opportunity to follow this teachings and to learn and understand theory and materia medica wherever you are, whenever you want, at your own pace. I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to take part in this e-learning, to continue with post-graduate courses and to also attend seminars in person in Alonissos. The island has a very special energy. For those who cannot travel to Alonissos for whatever reason, and for everyone who wants to practice classical homeopathy in a successful way, this e-learning is a very unique chance to get there. You will learn for your life.

Birgit Hagley

We all (from Portugal) want to thank you and your team for your essential contribution of the reengineering of Classical Homeopathy. There are no words that could truly express our admiration for the work you have done for Classical Homeopathy!

Ana Tavares

Every time I learn a remedy on your marvellous Materia Medica Viva, I thank life that you exist.

Raffaella Pomposelli

I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for your teaching. I really appreciate all the work you do. What is really heart-warming is to see that the students, who follow the video course, follow the cases very well. They say that it is so rewarding to come to the open teaching because they realize how much they learnt from the video course. Once again thank you for the valuable teaching you gave.

Viveca Wilhelmsson

This E-Learning course has been The Best I Have Ever Done!!! It is not just because it is a Homeopathy course, which in this case it’s the first I ever take, but I guarantee that I have never seen a more complete E-Learning course. I am a Veterinarian and I have done many E-Learning courses on my area and yet never had the pleasure to have a course were you could read/receive so many books from the course master (George Vithoulkas), see/hear so many lectures on line that actually makes you feel as if you were back in college, have interacting written conversations with the course master and George itself, and who knows what else will you astonish us with!!! I am so pleased to have decided to enroll in this course, so certain that my life as a vet will have another perspective from now on, gratefully more satisfying. It is definitively one of these course were you can say your life before and after became totally different, as in homeopathy we could say “never better since” in this case I would rather use “forever better since”!!! The online videos are definitively FANTASTIC!!! It really makes you feel as if you are back in college. So this by itself is enough reason for a golden medal in online courses. I would rather share the Golden Medal. George Vithoulkas is really an extraordinary good communicator and therefore a very good teacher, explaining the essentials of every remedy in a very simple yet highly effective way.

Juan Pablo Diaz Romero

I am enjoying the course very much. I like the fact that I can view the course more than once. Even though the teaching is very good it takes time to assimilate the concepts. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to study from such a great Master.

Shyamala Tadinada

I have been very pleased with the E-Learning Program. I feel it is organized well and at the same time you are open to hear from students regarding improvements. I truly appreciate Dr. Vithoulkas' clarity in conveying the information. I am still in awe that good classical homeopathy is now available to so many of us who could never been able to afford to go Greece for this training. I know this will help spread a proper understanding and practice of homeopathy and put homeopathy back in good standing with the world.

Juana Ayers

I have been enjoying the program very much and I hope there will be stress on remedies and case taking as it is still confusing to me as a homeopath.

Golnar El Abd

I enjoy very much the video-lectures of Prof. Vithoulkas ! They are of real help for me. He is a marvellous teacher and I feel that he opens my mind, offering me very clear information.

Prema Rajan

I am enjoying the e-learning program very much, and the opportunity for questions and answers sessions is extremely helpful. Please tell Professor Vithoulkas that I very much appreciate the information and that his clarity and humor make this learning enjoyable. I have been looking for a class like this for a long time.

Sidney Vaello

I have very much enjoyed the videos I have seen thus far and feel it has been a very good investment.

Alison Goss

First of all I would like to thank all the staff of the e-learning program for this great opportunity they are offering to us the beginners to study homeopathy and the great quality of the teaching, supervision etc. For me it has been crucial to understand that if a remedy has done you good, that the layer does not totally disappear and that you can repeat the remedy if ever you feel unwell again because of a possible relapse. This is a very important information I only obtained at the very end of the lectures.

Nadia des Courtis

I am really enthusiastic about the teachings and I am very happy that I have made the decision to join this program. Although I had spent many years with trying to learn and understand homeopathy, gathering knowledge from all different approaches, I finally ended up in confusion. With the teachings of Mr. Vithoulkas I can see that there is a chance that I will be able to bring in a structure into the knowledge I had achieved before, but which in the end seemed vague and unreliable. With the live sessions offered on the weekend you feel real good contact with the school and the other students. Thank you so much for the immense knowledge you are offering to us.

Anja Sterff

I am pleased to attend classes. Thank you for the opportunity to learn homeopathy by internet. This knowledge needed everyone.

Olga Dvorkina

I'm very satisfied from E-learning program. Most exciting learning experience that a homeopath can have.

Biljana Gjuroska

I like it very much and I think it's very well organized.

Silvia Bruni

I would like to express my deepest admiration and respect for Dr. G. Vithoulkas. I just wanted to say that I am tremendously enjoying the course sessions. Even though I have completed a 3 years course in Homeopathy, I still find this e-learning course very useful and valuable.

Laurette Evans

I love the program. I am learning a lot. This program helps me understand the many concepts of Homeopathy, using Radar, learnings from Organon, and finding remedies. I find the concepts of peoples’ health, on all physical, emotional, and psychological level, very interesting.

Valentina Karpov

I am satisfied with the course so far especially the live lectures. My own practice has started to evolve as I learn from the program.

Lee Chewee Hoe

It´s really great to read the comments !! I have only 2 weeks left of the 4-years class by Mr. Vithoulkas / Viveca Wilhelmsson in Sweden so I know what they are talking about, I agree with every comment. Thank you for a wonderful education. I am so much looking forward to the open seminar again in June.

Päivi Barsk

I would like to thank you very much. I am happy that I have an opportunity to be your student and learn your way of thinking and homeopathic approach. I would like to tell you that my results after your course are really better and also my understanding of my patients.

Petr Zachariáš

Excellent podcast. Valuable teachings from a master of homeopathy. (concerning our podcast on I-Tunes) Great! I am glad to find these podcasts about Homeopathy a natural and safe medicine. Personally I have lived with Homeopathy as my medicine since I was born, and that was four decades ago. To say it is a scam only shows ignorance. There are many countries and millions of people who relay on Homeopathy to cure all their diseases.(concerning our podcast on I-Tunes)

Manoj Radhakrishnan

I am Dr. Krutik Shah from India practicing Classical Homeopathy. I am your student, passed Diploma from Greece Academy. Sir, doing diploma course at IACH, has influenced me very much and it has made a revolution in my knowledge and application of Homeopathy. My heart is filled with affection and gratitude for all that you are doing for us. I take your permission to say that you are like a tree where God himself has made a nest. And you are also like a cool, clear mountain stream where small animals like us come to drink. My daughter who is beside me says "drink knowledge".

Dr Krutik Shah

When I was learning the art (trying to find the right (relevent information from the patient), I found your books extremely challenging (made me really think for my self about your comments made from your long experience. I am very grateful to you for that.

Denish Clark

Dear George, My name is Alex Leupen, homeopathic doctor in Utrecht and a colleague of Jan Scholten. I became a homeopath because of your book translated in Dutch by Alfons Geukens. You have always been a source of inspiration for me and my generation of homeopathic doctors. I want to thank you for your wisdom and lessons.

Alex Leupen, Utrecht, The Netherlands

These YouTube lectures are VERY interesting.

Darren Grech

It's wonderful! I just wanted to say you my delight and pleasure from your chapter in "The levels of Health". Thank you very-very much!!!

Nadia Kubasheva

Congratulations! Keep being the extraordinary human being, who really makes a difference in the world and in people 's lives.

Tomaz Plibersek

Thank you very much for your great books on Homeopathy.

Chiyo Nohara

I read many books of Prof. Vithoulkas, listen and watch his audio and video lectures which are available at your website. I have been really inspired with Prof. Vithoulkas' approach and his God gifted skills and abilities. Today, Prof. Vithoulkas is like a shining star in the dark night, who is trying to guide the humanity towards classical homeopathy and ultimately to the real means of HEALTH.

Dr. Khawaja Asad

I am a great fan of yours, through your video I learned much about pulsatilla.

Ranjana Sharma

Your definition of health reflects your holistic view. Through your definition, you have indeed expanded the dimension of the homoeopathic practice. It is proved that homoeopathy can cure psychic as well as physical ailments. Now, the homoeopathic researchers should find out how this medical science can help mankind to attain spiritual progress. It is possible. Your attention is drawn to this direction.

Badal Majumdar

Your E-learning has become the most impressive tool for the advancement of homeopathy since the works of Hahnemann and holds a tremendous potential for education.

Øyvind K. Nilsen

Dear Prof. Vithoulkas, your new updated website it really good. The e-learning section is a real boon. I am actually enrolled for your video course in India. Getting real good learning from your experience and sharing. Thank you.

Dr. Maharaja Siva Subramanian

Thank you for the lessons, thank you for the homeopathic doctrine, thank you for the methodology but overall for a thing: The anchorage to reality of the human life. During the attend of your school and seminars, I, in the time more and more, had appreciated the link with the reality, raised from observation, intelligent analysis enriched by the experience. I feel that to go to being a good “therapeuta” as you are, it’s necessary a fundamental quality: The honesty of look the facts without “discounts for the truth” as we wish to be!!

Prof. Ettore Manconi