Support to the user before their registration will be offered through e‐mail, via the address, as well as  through telephone for issues that cannot be resolved through electronic mail.

Support to the user after their registration will be offered through email and through the platform itself.  The E-learning Forum includes a section exclusive for Technical Support.  This section utilizes all of the capabilities of the platform. For instance, by means of the use of the forum for the submission of questions, all the users have the ability to see the frequently asked questions and answers that will emerge after its normal operation. 

Answers to e‐mails will be given the next business day and within 24 hours from the initial communication of the user (apart from Saturdays, Sundays and official holidays), whereas telephone support will be provided from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 (apart from official holidays).



 Personal computer with at least: 

   ‐ Pentium IV 1.5GHz Processor or better 

   ‐ 512 MB of RAM 

   ‐ 1024x768 pixel screen 

   ‐ Speakers 

   ‐ Internet Explorer 11, Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome or Safari Browser 

   ‐ Internet connection with at least 1Mbps of Download speed/rate. 

The E-learning platform is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS Applications (iPhone, iPad) and Android Applications



The Academy chooses the Moderators who are under the direct supervision of Prof. Vithoulkas. 

Their function includes: 

   ‐ Answering students’ questions in the E-learning Forum 

   ‐ Reviewing/grading students’ tests during the 2-year period

   ‐ Reviewing/grading the Final Exams tests

   ‐ Reviewing/grading the cases submitted by students towards their Diploma