Comments of the Students for the Organon Courses

If the 2 years of e-learning course is an incredible journey to deepen our roots in the pure method of Classical Homeopathy, this Organon post- graduate course is like the cherry on the cake, with so many different comments, questions and answers and views about all sort of subjects involved with our daily practice, apart from the deep wisdom that comes from the understanding of the paragraphs of the main work of Samuel Hahnemann. Really advisable!

Juan García

Honestly I have ever been able to complete even one reading of the Organon; I found it really boring - complex way of saying things. After 5-6 times I gave up. I needed this course to get me restarted into the foundations of theory, which is fundamental and needs to be understood in order to become a good Homeopath. I also woke up when George says that this aphorism is not true, or this is not relevant in our times and compares the past time with nowadays. I am very glad I am here to listen to it in person. Thank you.

L.V., Singapore

The course is substantial and very useful. Organon has a difficult writing for a proper, correct understanding. But every homeopath should know, the basis of Homeopathy written by Hahnemann. Prof.Vithoulkas's explanations make clear complicated sentences of Hahnemann's style (old fashioned style).

M.L., Russia

In George Vithoulka's analysis of the Organon, it's as if one hears Hahnemann's own thoughts. He leads us to an in-depth understanding of the hard-to-grasp meanings and fine points of homeopathy, in a simple and comprehensive manner

X.V., Greece

This gives me the spirit of doing my job as a Homeopath. This course has opened to me more doors into my heart. Thank you for making this education.

G.F., Norway

I really enjoyed this course, because the opinions of George Vithoulkas are clarifying many things in my mind about Organon and not only. After George's explanation it is more close to me. Thank you!

I.K., Russia

I enjoyed the Organon course, it was very useful. George's Organon was a pleasure to listen. Understanding the Organon from George's perspective and experience was very tutorial. Thank you

M.R., Singapore

Fantastic! To learn from a great international teacher as Prof.Vithoulkas is an honor and a great opportunity! I'm so enthusiastic now, I think that with these lessons I can improve my level. I liked so much the questions that sometimes Prof.Vithoulkas allowed to make. Thank you!

S.D., Italy

Organon is very important for homeopath, GV explanation is necessary for Homeopath who has deep understanding patients suffering! Thank you for your teaching!

T.P., Latvia

I liked very much all the topics of the course. I am happy to learn these "from the source". George's thoughts are very precious and I do like it when he opens up and let us share some of his thoughts.

H.I., Austria

Organon with George was really satisfying experience. Many questions, which we carry forward while reading Organon, were explained in most truthful and applicable way for modern times. It was a very holistic way to explain to us. An absolute truth!

D.D., Singapore

It was very good to hear Prof.Vithoulkas comments on the Organon's paragraphs, it is useful to understand them better but also the differences and similarities between has been observed in the past and what Prof.Vithoulkas has experienced nowadays.

J.G.M., Portugal

I have thoroughly enjoyed Organon course, as I believe the study of the Organon is of valuable importance for every homeopath's personal and professional development. It is a blessing to have G.Vithoulkas teaching us on the subject.

A.C., UK

Very, very useful, Organon is even more interesting with Prof.Vithoulkas because he interprets Organon in the way we have to understand it today, through his 50-year experience.

I.B., Croatia

The Organon course reinforced some of our own understanding of the Organon and we also benefited from George's explanation of cases highlighting specific points.

P.T., Singapore

Thank you for the Organon course as it is the base of Homeopathy.

E.S., Russia

Prof.Vithoulkas is an amazing source of knowledge and his teaching is unique for Organon.

A.X., Greece

Thanks GV for Organon explanation and possibility for discussion. Thanks everybody at the Academy for this joy to spread Homeopathy!

T.P., Latvia

It is very nice to have Prof.Vithoulkas' visions and comments on the Organon and to see the differences to nowadays.

J.M., Portugal

Listening to the explanation on Organon was inspiring and clear as it is always.

K.K., Bulgaria

The analysis of the Organon expands our theoretical knowledge. In a unique way Prof.Vithoulkas offers small and large miracles to our patients through the knowledge that we receive from him.


I like to listen to Prof.Vithoulkas' thoughts. It helps me understand Organon deeper and deeper.

I.K. Russia

It was a real joy listening to our teacher analyzing the "Organon"; the corner-stone of Homeopathy and at the same time watching him unfolding his inner thoughts concerning not only this great book, but also the life and the human beings in general. We wish we could find our own path, in life like he did...

I.S. Greece

For me this course is very useful, because it helps me to clarify a lot of things. Every time after the course I feel more motivated to try to improve my practice.

C.M., Romania