New Horizons In Medicine

Language: English

Total Videos: 8

Total Time: 8 hours

We are happy to present a course with the pioneering theories of Prof. Vithoulkas which are opening new horizons in Medicine.

You will be informed, amongst others, about the “Continuum of a Unified Theory of Diseases", the "Levels of Health" and a new "Definition of Health".

Course Curriculum
01 Definition of Health (Part 1) 00:17
02 Definition of Health (Part 2) 01:17
03 The conditions in order to have healthy children 01:23
04 On Imagination 00:53
05 The birth of the theory of Levels of Health 01:36
06 Levels of Health Theory - Part 1 00:42
07 Levels of Health Theory - Part 2 01:12
08 The Continuum of a Unified theory of diseases 00:14