Facilities of the Course

1. Moderator of the Course

The Moderator responds to your questions in the forum, tracks your progress, grades the tests, reviews your cases at the end of the course.


2. Administrative and Technical Support

Offered Monday to Friday during regular business hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. through the Forum and via email elearning@vithoulkas.com  


3. Extensive Notes in pdf form parallel to each Theory and Materia Medica video providing a summary and key points of the lecture. There is also the possibility to add your own notes below each video.



4. Portions of the books of Hahnemann, Kent, Vithoulkas with each video in order to organize your study and go into the course in depth.


5. Questions with each Theory and Materia Medica video to assess your understanding of the lecture.


6. Tests and Self-Assessment Exercises at the end of training Modules in order to evaluate your understanding of the course in general and see what you need to study more in depth.

    Some tests are mandatory for students who want to proceed with the Final Exams.     


7. Online Final Exams. 

There is no need to travel to Alonissos to take part to the Final Exams. We have organized an expert system of exams which can be taken online from your own home.


8. Forum

All students post their questions in the E-learning Forum and receive replies from the moderator. The forum is a valuable database of questions and answers that you can also search by using words or phrases.


9. The books of Prof. Vithoulkas are given for free and free of shipping costs.

Check the sections "fees" for the conditions that apply.


10. Videos are now accessible from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)

Videos are now accessible from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) have been tested extensively. Android devices are not fully supported at the moment, but most recent devices (issued in 2013 or newer) without any custom ROMS should work.


11. On Line Materia Medicas and Organon at www.vithoulkas.com

Materia Medica of Boericke, Kent, Allen, Farrington, Dunham, Nash, some remedies from Materia Medica Viva and Organon of Hahnemann


12. Searching in the Books of Prof. Vithoulkas

We have created a useful and exciting function in order to search for words or phrases in George Vithoulkas' Books.